Potenza + Exosome

Micro-High Frequency
Pore Reduction

Potenza + Exosome

Excellent effects for acne, pore reduction, and skin regeneration



Potenza + Exosome

Potenza + Exosome is a multi-laser treatment that allows customized therapy based on individual skin conditions and goals using various needle tips. Micro-needles are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin for conditions such as pores, scars, acne, redness, and pigmentation. By alleviating damage to the skin's epidermis and generating instantaneous radiofrequency in the dermal layer, the laser treatment aids in the coagulation of skin cells at the sites receiving thermal energy, helping in the creation of new collagen and contributing to improved skin elasticity.

Procedure Time

20 minutes

Anesthesia Status

Cream anesthesia

Recovery Period

3~4 days

Duration of Effect

3 months
Treatment Cycle
Recommended to undergo the procedure at intervals of 3 weeks, at least 3 sessions.
Target Customers
Individuals concerned with pore reduction, acne, and troubled skin
Results in improved acne, pore reduction, and the development of firm skin elasticity.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are there any precautions before the procedure?
A: If there is a sunburn due to excessive exposure to sunlight, it may be challenging to treat. It is recommended to wait at least 4 weeks after receiving any recent procedures.

Q: How should I manage the treated area after the procedure?
A: To aid in skin regeneration, it is good to apply products with regenerative and moisturizing effects for proper care.

· Avoid exercise, sauna, alcohol consumption, and smoking for 1-3 days.
· Heat sensation and dryness can be alleviated by using regenerating cream or moisturizer.
· Do not vigorously rub or peel the face for exfoliation.

Product details

Potenza RF Multi-tip Butterfly Zone 400 shots

What features are included?

  • Includes LDM
  • Partial treatment
  • Synergy with Exosome
  • Acne treatment

Potenza RF Multi-tip 1000 shots

What features are included?

  • Includes LDM
  • Includes Exosome 1 bottle
  • Full face treatment
  • Significant increase in skin density

Good to have with

Sonocare LDM Basic

What features are included?

  • No pain
  • Regenerative care
  • Moisture management
  • No downtime

CureSystem Exosome 1 bottle

What features are included?

  • Stem cell effect
  • Skin regeneration
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Allergy relief

Clinic Information

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