Scalp Exosome with DermaShine Injector


Scalp Exosome with DermaShine Injector

Scalp follicle regeneration therapy made with the unique recipe of BTNanda Clinic



Scalp Exosome with DermaShine Injector

#StemCellDerived #HighConcentration #ExosomeExtract
Made with the special recipe of BTNanda Clinic using anti-inflammatory medication + exosome extract

#FollicleRegeneration #TroubleRelief #ScalpEnhancement
Effectively stamping with high-concentration stem cell exosome extract using Derma Shine needles

#PDTLight #ProlongsFollicleSheddingPeriod #ImprovesHairLoss
Finally, shining PDT light to improve follicle shedding and hair loss.

Procedure Time

15-20 minutes

Anesthesia Status

No Anesthesia

Recovery Period

Approximately 1 day

Duration of Effect

1 month
Treatment Cycle
Recommended to undergo the procedure 2 or more times at intervals of 3-4 weeks.
Target Customers
For those who want follicle regeneration and scalp enhancement, suitable for both male and female pattern baldness
Improves follicles fundamentally with high-concentration exosomes through Derma Shine stamping, then finishes with PDT to improve hair loss.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are there any side effects during the procedure?
A: There may be injection marks, bruising, redness, and itching after the procedure.

Q: How should I care for it after the procedure?
A: Avoid drinking and smoking for one week after the procedure.

· Do not scratch or irritate the treated area after the procedure.
· Avoid saunas and vigorous exercise after the procedure.
· It is a safe procedure with almost no downtime.

Product details

Scalp Exosome Derma Shine Mesotherapy (including Scalp Light Therapy)

What features are included?

  • No downtime
  • Fundamental follicle regeneration
  • Thin hair and hair loss
  • 1 session

Scalp Exosome Micro-Needling (including Scalp Light Therapy)

What features are included?

  • Less pain with micro-needles
  • More precise treatment
  • Concentrated treatment on desired areas
  • 1 session

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