Effective treatment for lifting sagging facial contours




TuneFace is a facial lifting procedure that utilizes the multi-radiofrequency technology from Alma, Israel. This treatment stimulates the skin with an ideal radiofrequency energy of 40.68MHz, which can regenerate collagen inside the skin by helping to reconstruct damaged collagen tissue. It produces an effect of revitalizing and sculpting the face, creating a smooth and defined facial contour.

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Anesthesia Status

No anesthesia

Recovery Period

3~4 days

Duration of Effect

3 months
Treatment Cycle
Recommended to undergo the procedure at intervals of 3 months.
Target Customers
Those desiring a three-dimensional and elastic facial contour
Powerful improvement of facial contours through premium lifting procedure.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How should I manage the treated area after the procedure?
A: Avoid exposing the treated area to excessive heat or cold, and apply moisturizer frequently.

Q: Is there any pain during the procedure?
A: The procedure is possible without anesthesia, and the pain is generally mild. However, individual pain perception may vary.

· Pay attention to sunblock.
· It is recommended to apply high-moisturizing MD cream.
· Drink 2 liters of water daily for 3 days after the procedure.

Product details

TuneFace 10KJ (One Area)

What features are included?

  • Partial treatment
  • Premium procedure
  • No pain
  • Synergy with TuneLiner

TuneFace 40KJ

What features are included?

  • Treatment for front cheeks, forehead, and eyebrows
  • Premium procedure
  • No pain
  • Synergy with TuneLiner

TuneFace 60KJ

What features are included?

  • Full face treatment
  • Premium procedure
  • No pain
  • Synergy with TuneLiner

Good to have with

Sonocare LDM Basic

What features are included?

  • No pain
  • Regenerative care
  • Moisture management
  • No downtime

TuneLiner One Area

What features are included?

  • One area
  • Quick effects
  • Synergy with Shurinkage Injection
  • No pain

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